News & Updates


July 11, 2021, by Admin

A small maintenance has been processed.
Now site is fully functional and continues its business as usual.

Thanks for understanding!

Withdrawal update

June 2, 2021, by Admin

Small updates on withdrawals:

  1. Withdrawals are being Manually processed
  2. Minimum required to withdraw: 200 satoshi (no maximum)
  3. All withdrawals are sent with Faucetpay.
  4. Withdrawals are being processed within 24hr timeframe. 

Faucet Reward

May 11, 2021, by Admin

Due to increased Bitcoin price and fees, we have lowered with 1 satoshi faucet reward. Current claim rate: 1-5 satoshi.

Direct Withdrawal disabled.

April 23, 2021, by Admin

Direct withdrawals has been disabled because we cannot afford to pay from own pocket those huge fees.  Please use Faucetpay instead.

All pending withdrawals will be processed soon. Some withdrawals which we sent last week are still pending because transactions are being Unconfirmed, blockchain is very busy right now with lots of transactions made.

How to change BTC wallet.

March 23, 2021, by Admin

Due to many requests on how to change BTC address. We have provided small instructions how you can do that.

Before changing your wallet, make sure it's the same wallet which is Linked on your faucetpay account:
Important: please don't use faucetpay deposit address.

If you still want to change your BTC wallet on cryptowin.
1. click on account settings:

2. It will be opened a modal page, here you can enter your new Wallet.     
   Enter your password and click Save Changes.    
   A confirmation email will be sent, to validate your changes.  

Shall you have any other questions, send us a email.