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Direct withdrawal fee increase

March 24, 2023, by Admin

The fees for Diect method withdrawals has been increased to 5000 satoshi.

At the moment the average network fee per transaction on the BTC network is around $3.82. You may see it here >> bitcoin_average_transaction_fee#

We cannot keep the initial fee of 1000 satoshi, since it's required huge amount of our own funds to be paid for the fees. Increased fees would guarantee that you will get your payment confirmed very soon, otherwise if we keep the low fee, transactions would be stuck/non confirmed.

This is a temporary measurement because now the network is very busy and it required more fees for transaction. We will adjust thhe fees when things come back to normal.

Also you can use Faucetpay withdrawal method, it's Zero fee and withdrawals are processed much quicker.

Minimum withdrawal

January 17, 2023, by Admin

Good news! Minimum withdrawal on FaucetPay has been lowered from 200 to 100 satoshi!


January 17, 2023, by Admin

FaucetPay deposits are re-activated.
We had to disable it for a while, after faucetpay's major update we had to make sure everything works fine on our end.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused!

Happy New Year

December 31, 2022, by Admin

Happy New Year!

Let’s welcome 2023 with happiness, gratefulness, and enthusiasm.
May new year be full of adventures and good things.


PTC Advertising closed

December 17, 2022, by Admin

We're closing PTC section.

No advertising is allowed at the moment!

Because of some frauds which which has been advertised here and since we do care of our users, we better close the PTC Advertising at the moment but we'll reactivate it soon,
we need to rework some things so all campaigns could be accepted manually only after a careful verification.

P.S. Ad campaigns at the moment are paused and we'll refund to advertisers based on remaining clicks and CPC.