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Investors information

December 10, 2022, by Admin

Dear friends and share holders, be aware of other websites that looks similar to our page.

We have noticed such websites has been advertised here, however we were instantly banning those ads once detected because we do care of our users and secondly we don't want to be associated with any other websites. Make your due diligence before sending to someone your money, we're responsible just for our page:

If you will notice on our PTC section, any advertised websites with bad reputation, please report them to us on [email protected] and upon checking we'll take them down.

Thank you. Administration

7 December 2022 - Revenue Share Profits

December 8, 2022, by Admin

Some bad guys are constantly attacking our website, and the Revenue Share program is stopping to pay the profits when such attacks are detected, but as soon they lose from intensity all the systems gets to normal work including Rev Share program so profits are recalculated for that day.

Dear users and share holders, we understand perfectly your frustration but as we told many times to some of you, at the end of day everyone gets their guaranteed profit. We're working to maintain a stable situation on our platform. About the Revenue Share program you have nothing to worry, it might happen  from time to time some delays, these attacks started since we launched in 2020 and it will continue. Our website and server security systems are stopping all of those attacks, it doesn't hurt us at all, but some high-priority programs like Rev Share are paused untill everything is double checked.

Faucetpay Automatic Withdrawals

November 14, 2022, by Admin

Faucetpay auto withdrawals has been increased to 10,000 satoshi limit.

Fixing the issues

October 13, 2022, by Admin

We are upgrading our database to avoid issues in the future with delayed interest.

Everyone has been awarded with double and tripple interest profit for that day.

Increasing Automatic Withdrawals

August 29, 2022, by Admin

Good news! We have changed from 2000 to 5000 maximum auto withdrawals.

Now you can instantly withdraw to Faucetpay upto 5000 satoshi.